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BlackVue DR750X-2CH Plus 64GB Full HD Dual Channel Dash Cam (Front and Rear)

SKU: 91974281

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The DR750X-2CH Plus is a dual-channel dash cam with BlackVue Cloud connectivity. Along with all the loved features of the previous DR750X version, the new and improved 'PLUS' version comes with the new Full HD 1080P Sony STARVIS video sensors for its cameras, allowing for the best image quality under any light.

This stealthy dashcam also offers built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, and out-of-the-box Parking Mode support via the included hardwiring cable. It also includes cloud access via your home or office Wi-Fi or an optional USB plug-in LTE/4G module to view or download videos easily using the BlackVue App.

Includes 64GB BlackVue microSDHC memory card.

BlackVue won Canstar Blue's Most Satisfied Customers Award in 2021!



Features of the DR750X-2CH Plus include:

1. Latest generation Sony STARVIS Full HD sensor technology

The 2.1 megapixel Sony STARVIS front camera captures up to 60 frames per second (FPS) while the 2.1 megapixel Sony STARVIS rear camera captures 30FPS. Both cameras have 139 degree, exceptionally wide angle lenses ensuring action in adjacent lanes is also captured. The Sony STARVIS back-illuminated sensor used in both cameras is capable of capturing an unprecedented level of detail in both shadows and highlights thanks to the dramatic increase in dynamic range. Take a look at the comparison below with the previous generation BlackVue model (non-Plus).

The front-facing camera records extra smooth, fluid videos at 60 FPS, keeping all details sharp even at motorway speeds. With 60 FPS, motion blur is much reduced compared to 30 FPS. That means your BlackVue can better capture details such as license plates, even on fast-moving objects.

2. Inbuilt GPS receiver, WiFi connectivity and optional 4G/LTE

Inbuilt GPS tagging so you can track your vehicle during video playback and even overlay road speed on videos.

The inbuilt Wi-Fi feature makes it quick and easy to connect to your smartphone or tablet, or even the your BlackVue Cloud account via any home or mobile Wi-Fi access point.

An optional 4G/LTE connectivity module is available as an accessory for the ultimate Cloud storage experience. This requires your own separate SIM card and connects via the USB port. Add it to your cart here!

3. Native parking mode

Speak to your Auto One store about professionally hardwiring your BlackVue DR750X-2CH Plus to your vehicle's fuse box to enable the native parking mode feature. No additional hardware is required. The parking mode will activate automatically when your vehicle's ignition is turned off or when it goes to sleep.

The DR750X-2CH Plus can also be programmed to turn off after a set duration or when your battery voltage reaches a set threshold. For extended monitoring while parked, BlackVue offers a range of accessories including the BlackVue Parking Mode Pro power supply controller and BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack.

BlackVue's optional Power Magic Pro device has a physical on/off switch allowing you to conveniently disable/re-enable parking mode without accessing the menu settings. This memory space and battery saving option is great for those times you know your vehicle is safe, like in your garage.

The parking mode video buffer feature ensures you don't miss out any action by recording the few seconds leading to triggering events. Inbuilt accelerometer (G-sensor) enables impact detection while in motion and while parked.

Reduce false alarms from swaying branches in your yard by selecting the motion detection zones via the App. Storage efficiency is further improved by the interval recording logic. It records continuously at 1 FPS (one frame per second). Videos are played back at 30 FPS. 1-minute Time lapse Parking Mode video = 30 minutes real time coverage. This allows the DR750X-2CH Plus to cover a period of up to 54 hours on a 32GB microSDHC card (front and rear) at the highest (Extreme) quality setting.

Upon exiting Parking Mode, your BlackVue tells you if events were recorded when you were away from your car, so you can check right away on the BlackVue App.

To maximise reliability, you can also program a daily camera reboot. For totally discreet recording, you can even completely turn off all LED indicators in parking mode. Only the recording LED indicator facing the interior of the vehicle will blink when motion or impact is detected.

4. Built-in impact and motion detection

While driving, your BlackVue detects impacts and sudden changes in speed. While parked, it also detects movements. It even automatically tags the recorded files accordingly (normal, event, parking mode motion or time lapse), so finding the relevant video file is always quick and easy in the App or Viewer.

5. Sleek interface

Toggle audio recording on and off by simply waving your hand in front of the side proximity sensor. The sensor can also be set to trigger manual recording.

Wi-Fi access can be activated/deactivated with the push of a button, accompanied by a voice confirmation.

microSDHC card is hidden behind a cover which requires disconnection of the power connector to access.

6. Optimised file management

Like most security camera systems, dash cameras overwrite the oldest recordings when the memory card is full. BlackVue's Event Files Overwrite Protection prevents the loss of up to 50 event type recordings by protecting videos automatically flagged as event recordings.

Need more storage? Check out our range of DR750X-2CH Plus kits with memory cards up to 256GB at the bottom of this page!

Adaptive format-free file management improves recording stability and reduces the need to reformat your microSDHC card. It also allows you to set the duration of each file (1, 2 or 3 minutes each).

SD card failure alert will inform the user as soon as a problem with the memory card arises.

7. BlackVue App for iOS and Android, and BlackVue Viewer for Windows and Mac.

Setting up your new dash cam is a breeze thanks to seamless pairing via the free BlackVue App for iOS and Android. Both the smartphone App and computer based Viewer program allow you to easily manage your recordings using a full featured program. The App connects via the DR750X-2CH Plus's inbuilt Wi-Fi, enabling fast and convenient access without a computer.

8. BlackVue Cloud access (internet access via Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE accessory required

Connect to your BlackVue anytime, from anywhere in the world with BlackVue Cloud - all that's needed is internet access at both ends!

Enjoy remote live view and push notifications to your phone.

Back up important videos to the free BlackVue Cloud storage.

Play and download videos from your dash cam's memory or the Cloud from anywhere with internet access.

Enjoy two-way voice communication with the driver from the app through the BlackVue's integrated speaker and mic.

The optional CM100LTE device connects to your DR750X-2CH Plus via the USB port to enable the ultimate Cloud access experience. The only other thing you need is your own suitable nano SIM card. Take a look at the CM100LTE device here!

9. Compatible with optional tamper-proof accessory case

This innovative accessory case replaces the standard front camera mount with an all-in-one unit which blocks physical access to the microSDHC card slot and Wi-Fi button. It also restricts adjustment of the front camera angle and prevents disconnection of both the power and camera cables. Great for shared vehicles. Take a look at the BTC-1C tamper-proof case here.

10. Suits both 12V and 24V systems, allowing installation without any additional transformers in virtually anything with four wheels, or more!

Suits cars, buses, trucks, machinery and more. The optional B-124X Power Magic Ultra High Capacity Battery Pack is also suitable for 12V and 24V systems.


Dashcam and In Car Entertainment installation is available at selected specialist Auto One stores

Find your nearest dashcam installation specialist store using our Store Locator to make an enquiry.


Recording capacity information

Memory Capacity
Front: Full HD (60fps), Rear (or cabin for 2CH Plus IR model): Full HD (30fps)
1 HR 50 MIN (extreme quality)
2 HR 50 MIN (highest quality)
3 HR 40 MIN (high quality)
4 HR 40 MIN (normal quality)
3 HR 40 MIN (extreme quality)
5 HR 40 MIN (highest quality)
7 HR 20 MIN (high quality)
9 HR 20 MIN (normal quality)
7 HR 20 MIN (extreme quality)
11 HR 20 MIN (highest quality)
15 HR 40 MIN (high quality)
18 HR 40 MIN (normal quality)
14 HR 40 MIN (extreme quality)
22 HR 40 MIN (highest quality)
31 HR 20 MIN (high quality)
37 HR 20 MIN (normal quality)
Bitrate (Mbps), Front + Rear/Interior
25 + 10 (extreme quality)
12 + 10 (highest quality)
10 + 8 (high quality)
8 + 6 (normal quality)


Full Specifications

2 channels
Full HD (Front + Rear), Cloud, Wi-Fi, GPS, Dual Sony Sensors, External LTE Module (Optional)
Product Dimensions
Front (W 118.5mm x H 36mm, 103g)
Rear (W 67.4mm x H 25mm, 25g)
Rear Camera Connection
Coaxial cable
Memory Support
microSDHC card up to 256GB. 64GB included. BlackVue only guarantees compatibility and stability with Genuine BlackVue memory cards.
Recording Modes
Event (Impact Detection / Speed Limit / Manual)
Parking Mode (Impact and Region-based Motion Detection, Timelapse and Events)
Parking Mode
YES (with included 3-wire hardwiring cable)
Parking Mode Event Voice Notifications
Imaging Sensor
Front: Sony STARVIS CMOS Sensor (Approx. 2.1MP)
Rear: Sony STARVIS CMOS Sensor (Approx. 2.1MP)
Viewing Angle
Front: Diagonal 139 degrees, Horizontal 116 degrees, Vertical 61 degrees
Rear: Diagonal 139 degrees, Horizontal 116 degrees, Vertical 61 degrees
Resolution Frame Rate
Front: Full HD @60fps, Rear: Full HD @30fps (Frame rate may vary during Wi-Fi streaming)
Video Codec
H.264 (AVC)
Image Quality and Bitrate Front/Rear
Highest (Extreme): 25+10 Mbps
Highest: 12+10 Mbps
High: 10+8 Mbps
Normal: 8+6 Mbps
Format Free
YES (Adaptive)
Event File Overwrite Protection
YES (up to 50)
SD Card Failure Alert
Scheduled Reboot
Video File Extension
Built-in (802.11 b.g.n)
Cloud Compatible
Built-in (Dual Band : GPS, GLONASS)
Impact Sensor
3-Axis Acceleration Sensor
LED Indicators
Front: Recording LED, GPS LED, LTE/Wi-Fi, Front Security LED, Proximity Sensing indicator LED
Rear: Rear Security LED
Button/External control
Button: Wi-Fi ON/OFF (Press)
Proximity sensor: Mic ON/OFF / Trigger Manual Recording / OFF (configurable)
Operation Temperature
-20c - 80c
Storage Temperature
-20c - 80c
High Temp Cut Off
Approx. 80c
Backup Battery
Built-in supercapacitor
Input Power
DC 12V-24V (DC Plug (3.5 x 1.1mm) to Wires (Black: GND / Yellow: B+ / Red: ACC)
Power Consumption Per Hour
Normal Mode (WiFi On / GPS On / 2CH) : Avg. 390mA / 12V
Normal Mode (WiFi Off / GPS On / 2CH) : Avg. 340mA / 12V
Parking Mode (WiFi On / GPS Off / 2CH) : Avg. 350mA / 12V
Parking Mode (WiFi Off / GPS Off / 2CH) : Avg. 300mA / 12V

* Actual power consumption may vary depending on use conditions and environment.
Front: FCC, ISED, CE, UKCA, RoHS, Telec, WEEE
BlackVue Viewer
* Windows 7 or higher and Mac OS X Sierra (10.12) or higher
BlackVue Application (Android 5.0 or higher, iOS 11.0 or higher)
Adaptive Format-Free File Management System
External (not included)

Technical Specifications
Brand BlackVue
24 months

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