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Store Manager

Company Information

Autoonelogo  Store Name: Auto One

Job Details



1 Year Experience

Work city:

Perth, Austrelia



Work start:


Job Type:

Full Time

Job Description :

Store Manager

This is an outstanding opportunity to lead an existing team with huge potential to develop a large trade base as well as a retail shop front.

The opportunity is a full time, permanent position and is available for an immediate start.
Applicants are required to have a minimum of 2 years' experience managing a trade focused store and team.
A background in the Automotive industry is highly desirable  but not essential.

About the Role, Your main responsibilities and duties will include:-

  • Managing, motivating your team that will include internal sales staff, sales representative and delivery drivers.
  • Growing and maintaining trade business.
  • Stock Management including local purchasing, regular stock takes, stock cleanses and audits.
  • Banking and Credit Control
  • Building and maintaining strong customer relationships that will also include calling on customers.
  • Staffing responsibilities that will include Managing sales staff, sales representative and delivery drivers along with Staff RostersEmployee Performance Management.

An excellent salary package is on offer, including an attractive negotiable base salary (based on experience), super contributions, company car with full private use and management bonuses.


knowledge of the Automotive Industry

Preferred Skills:

Managing, motivating your team that will include internal sales staff, sales representative and delivery drivers.

Club Membership

Membership entitles you to a range of VIP rewards

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