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Become a Franchisee

Become a franchisee

Auto One - Strong National Branding

Our Auto One network prides itself on the brands and sales knowledge that our customers can rely on.

Auto One has a prominent name and image that has high customer recognition in the automotive parts and accessories market.

Its latest slogan: "Right Gear! Right Advice!" strategically positions Auto One within the trade and retail segments of the market and supports the company's future direction.

Auto One's strong visual brand image and contemporary logo is boldly employed throughout the company's integrated marketing program clearly identifying Auto One retail outlets, its advertising, promotional and private label brand packaging material.

The charter for the two DC’s has historically been to provide:

  • A platform from which the group can negotiate improved pricing through the consolidation of volume
  • A range of goods to Members across the Eastern Seaboard that may not be available through other channels
  • A market competitive level of service to Members
  • An infrastructure to purchase product in bulk to achieve greater margins for Members
  • A direct import product via indent programs
  • An option for suppliers who are not able to service all of the Auto One stores
  • A wholesale like operation whereby members are able to purchase lines in split carton quantities at competitive prices
Auto One Branding
  • STORE BRANDING : Auto One store branding is consistent throughout the group which re-enforces brand equity and makes the store easily identifiable
  • CORPORATE BRANDING : Auto One stores have access to a complete range of branded uniforms, merchandise and promotional items that facilitates consistent brand recognition across the group.

Auto One - Comprehensive Marketing Program

Auto One's award winning catalogues that are produced regularly throughout the year, consistently show customers the value and breadth of the Auto One range.

Auto One's customer loyalty program, the A1 Club, is designed to encourage repeat purchases and brand loyalty. The data bases developed from A1 Club membership enable Auto One to develop effective direct marketing campaigns.

To ensure strong visual continuity for design layout and construction of new concept stores and remodelling of existing stores, Auto One's corporate development guidelines are facilitated through the company's retail design team. Store design templates are available to new Members and current Members who wish to remodel their existing store. These modules and layouts ensure corporate uniformity while allowing members to maximise floor-space and increase store traffic.

Auto One has a comprehensive website that has been developed to be a convenient and helpful site for customers and Members.

Ongoing Support
  • STORE SETUP : When you decide to become and Auto One Member you are not starting from scratch. You are joining a team with over 25 years experience in the automotive industry. Auto One can assist with the design of your exterior and interior signage and are happy to work with you to deliver fantastic outcomes.
  • LAUNCH SETUP : A new store launch is considered a major event at Auto One and an excellent way to advise to your customers and potential new customers about the store.
  • STAFF TRAINING : Auto One runs a series of retail based sales training programs that are ideal for retail store staff. In addition, category and product specific training can be organised in-store as required.
  • LEVERAGING THE EXPERIENCE OF THE GROUP : One of the greatest benefits of being part of a group is the opportunity to learn from other Members who are facing the same challenges as you are.

Marketing Services

  • AUTO ONE CLUB MEMBERSHIP : Auto One Club members are sent email notifications of all major promotions and have access to special Club member-only specials that are run from time to time.
  • WEBSITE : The Auto One website has been designed to direct consumers to our stores. A key feature of the site is that it will geo-locate the nearest store to a consumer and display the contact details and opening hours for that store at the top of the page.
    Each Member has their own web page that shows the specific details for that store.
  • FACEBOOK ON THE WEBSITE : The Auto One website has a seamless Facebook interface which enables the Facebook page to be viewed directly from the individual store page.
  • GIFT CARDS : Auto One has a national gift card program that can be used at any Auto One store across Australia. The card program fully integrates with Members POS systems and merchant facilities and is easy to use.
  • CORPORATE TVC’S : In addition to the catalogue specific television commercials, Auto One has a range of corporate commercials that serve to build brand awareness and to promote the Auto one store network.

Auto One - Member Communication

The Auto One website also provides the platform for a fast, secure communications system that links all stores with the Auto One national support centre and Distribution Centres via the Intranet.

Auto One's state meeting program and annual conference provides cutting edge industry and market information and ensures a productive networking forum with other Members and Auto One support centre management.

Distribution Centres - BIGGEST BRANDS – BEST PRICE

The DC’s have never had a mandate to generate a profit if that profit comes at the expense of Member margin.

The NSW and WA Distribution Centres (DC’s) were established as a result of massive consolidation within the wholesale channel. Auto One’s strategy is to provide its own solution to its supply chain challenges adding to the value it provides Members.

Auto One - unlimited opportunity

Auto One is managed on behalf of the members by its national support centre at Castle Hill, NSW.

Operating together as a team, the independent, member storeowners and management develop unified and dynamic marketing and purchasing programs.

All key marketing, purchasing and budgetry decisions are made through the National Member Advisory Council (NMAC). A pivotal part of the NMAC's strategy is to involve all Members in the decision-making process at the local, state and national level. This unique decision-making process ensures that the company objectives and operations are clear and open for Members to see, so that they can tangibly appreciate the benefits of Auto One membership.

Substantial cost savings and a significant competitive advantage for Members are gained through the import and indent programs of the Auto One Distribution Centres.

Auto One is all about teamwork and growing as a group for the mutual benefit of all Members - its future promises unlimited opportunity.

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